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Geographic Information System

GIS Technician

Cathy Pratt              

Notice is hereby given to Rush County taxpayers that for delinquent property taxes due and payable in 2016, relying on the information from the Beacon GIS site will not be accurate until the new tax rates are received from the State of Indiana. The pay online does not include the additional 5% late penalty that was added December 11, 2015. For accurate tax amounts due, please contact the Rush County Treasurer's office at 765-932-2386.

Rush County GIS is now online at You can access parcel and assessment information, incorporated/subdivision boundaries, township boundaries and buffer queries off selected parcels or general geographic locations. You can also search by name, parcel number, or address. Once you find the information you want, you are then able to print, email, and/or download. If you have trouble, contact us.


Rush County Courthouse
101 East Second Street, Room 212
Rushville Indiana 46173


765-932-2077 extension 307



Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8 AM - 4 PM


Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer-based system with the ability to store, retrieve, modify, analyze, and represent geographic data as useful information. GIS offers a way of understanding and dealing with complex spatial problems by organizing the data, viewing their spatial associations, performing multiple analyses, and synthesizing results into maps and reports.  

GIS technology allows the public and many different departments access to the same basemaps and database. Each department does not have to keep separate versions of other department's maps and data in order to use them for their own agency's needs. Features or attributes need to be modified and updated on only one basemap and database and then be shared by everyone.

Departments can portray mapped information at whatever scale they require, using the colors or symbols they want and accompany the maps with text and reports tailored to meet their needs.


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